I’m Mary. I live in New York. I write about being thin and I love being thin. I get up in the morning and grab a bus down to the Y to work out. I work out until the sweat pours from my face and back. Running, push-ups, sit-ups, machines, weights. I start out a little sluggish but by the time I’m into my routine, I’m feeling at the top of the world—no, in control of the world! The best hour and a quarter of my day.

I wonder sometimes why it’s so hard to get people to exercise. The more you do it, the more your body begins to purr like a Porsche. The feeling of power, controlled, ready to leap. It’s like my body can do anything at will. Why would they fight it?

I read this and chuckle to myself because I wasn’t always like this. Yes, I liked dancing and exercising, but I’d gotten out of the habit. Two things New York did to me: I started dieting, and some years later, I started back dancing—first ballet, then Broadway jazz—the dancing they do on Broadway. Then, when the really good dance teachers took off their tights and went off into the twilight, I started exercising. Running, working out with machines, weights and calisthenics. I feel so good! But there's nothing like dancing--dancing that really moves you into action. Do you know that the most vigorous dance is a fast waltz? It is SO much fun. You whirl around the dance floor at zillions of miles an hour, it feels like.

It helped me lose weight, even though I didn’t need to diet in the beginning. But I was never one to be able to eat a ton, like some people you meet. I had to watch it. No extra anything. And rarely desserts. Except when I went off the wagon—and pigged out on my favorite foods.

Exercise is very important, because Americans, especially, hate exerting themselves. Better to sit in front of the tv and eat chips and drink soda or beer. So re-learning how to eat is absolutely key to losing that weight and never regaining it. I will tell you more about this soon.


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