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Podcast EP 004: All the Facts about Fats

   Who Knew? Eating No Fat Makes You   Gain Weight Faster! 

  (And Everything Else You Never Knew About Fats)

Every time I look up at that picture of blue cheese, I salivate, as I'm doing now. No kidding. How can something so delightful and delicious have been made into such an ogre?? 

It's  a very tough sell and a thankless job trying to persuade an American that eating foods containing oil and other fats is MORE healthy for you and HELPS you lose weight. Madison Avenue's message is everywhere: "nonfat is healthier," "reduced fat is healthier," "you'll get a heart attack and die." They know the power they have to scare you. But it's overeating of ANYTHING that causes you to get fat, not eating moderate amounts. 

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Today begins my Nutrition series, which will be a regular feature on this podcast. The Nutrition episodes will focus their information on losing weight. There will be much here that may surprise you. Today’s episode is all about fats, what they are, and why they are just as valid and necessary a nutrient as all the other nutrients are, like protein and carbohydrates.

I’m doing the nutrition of fats first, because there is SO much misinformation and missing information out there about fats, mostly from the food industry. What about nonfat milk—is it good for you? And reduced fat—is that good? Let’s find out the answers to these questions and others right now.


One day a woman—a supermodel—walked into the office of perhaps the greatest nutritionist of our time. The model had a very sad story to tell: she and her husband had tried to conceive a baby for a long time, yet hadn’t been able to do so. I think there is no sadness and emotional torture greater than that of a couple that keeps trying to have a baby without success. I’m sure you’ve all read or heard stories of the extremes couples will go to in order to have a child.

This model and her husband were no different. Her search had taken a long time before she finally arrived at this nutritionist’s office. After getting the model’s story, the nutritionist told her to go home and start adding salad oil—vegetable oils—to her diet. At least two tablespoons a day. Period. Nothing more. No convoluted meal plans or special foods. Just the vegetable oils. Within a short time she was pregnant, after having tried for years.

Without realizing it, the model had been withholding from herself the greatest joy she could desire. She had not been eating fats for a long time to keep her weight down, wrongly thinking fats would put weight on her.  Her whole future as a mother was in her own hands all the time, yet she had no idea it was until she came upon this nutritionist. In thinking she was doing something good, something absolutely blameless, to support her occupation, she caused a great deficiency in fatty acids that were essential for pregnancy.

Roles of Fatty Acids

Misinformation and lack of information about fats are rife in American society, and people who try losing weight are hit with the brunt of this misinformation. The biggest offenders are industry and business, who repeat and repeat and repeat myths in order to sell their foods. How many times have you heard about non-fat this, non-fat that? Does anybody ever give you the real, factual lowdown?  You get info that tries to persuade you to buy the stuff. But no real facts.

In learning how to lose weight with me, there is a place for fats and oils, as there should be in any common-sense person’s meals. Fats give you glowing health and amazing zest for life. If you didn’t eat them, you’d never survive the transition to the absolute BEST way of eating there is. And that would be a shame, because the food is delicious, your life improves immensely(!), and the plan takes the anxiety and stress out of losing weight. Your satisfaction will last a lifetime.

Fats are a nutrient that, like all the other nutrients, has several purposes in the body. It is not just to add calories. Let me repeat that:  FATS ARE NOT JUST TO ADD CALORIES. They play important roles and do several things in your body nothing else can do. Depriving yourself of one fat in particular can even kill you.

Fats are made up of glycerine (glycerol) and fatty acids. The body can make fatty acids out of sugar, except for three fatty acids which can’t be made by the body. That’s why they’re called essential fatty acids.  One, linoleic acid, is so vital that without it, you will die. The second, arachidonic acid, can pinch hit for linoleic acid pretty well, and linolenic acid can foster growth but will not keep you healthy.

Linoleic acid is part of the structure of every cell in your body. Without it, you die. Knowing this, who in their right mind would want to stay on a nonfat diet? I think it is because no one knows this. All people know about fats is from manufacturers who are trying to sell their nonfat and lowfat products. Every day, they see it drummed into their heads over and over, on most of the products in the supermarket: lowfat—buy it, it’s healthy! Nonfat—buy it, it’s the healthiest!  People believe this and avoid fats like the plague. That’s when their health problems can start if they’re dieting. Their diet also suffers and they often go off it at this point. They body is talking back to you. It needs these nutrients!

Essential fatty acids are also found in

-     large amounts in your brain and nerves,
-     in the hormones of the sex glands and the adrenal cortex, the gland that controls    your fight-or-flight instinct and your resistance to stress,
-     Must be available to the good intestinal bacteria which need them before they can multiply. These bacteria produce your B vitamins among other things.

What happens to you when you don’t include these oils in your diet? You lose your sex instinct, your libido; you can’t take stress and it leads to adrenal exhaustion. It makes life too much to bear. Without the good intestinal bacteria, you get B vitamin deficiency and your intestine doesn’t absorb vitamins A, D, E and K, because there is no bile, which is required for that. And, of course, the structure of all your body’s cells dies—and you with it—if the deficiency goes on.

Sources of fatty acids

Fatty acids are found in vegetable oils primarily, with much less in animal fats. For instance, cottonseed, corn and soybean oils supply 35 - 70% fatty acids.  Safflower oil is 85 – 90% fatty acids, but in animal fats, natural lard supplies the most of any, about 5 – 11 %.

My favorite is sunflower seed oil. This oil is one of the most nutritious and best-tasting oils on the market. I love it! In order to get organic, I would have to accept refined oil. This is a no-no, because the refining takes out the nutrition in the oil. Eating this kind of oil, you will not be getting the nutrients you MUST have. Now I find unfiltered oil, but it’s not organic.  Although it IS cold-pressed. You must have it cold-pressed, organic and unrefined. Cold pressing keeps the oil in good shape with the nutrition intact, not like the more common way oil is pressed which results in heating the oil up to such a high temperature that it gets degraded..

Non-fat Diets Cause You to Gain Weight and Have Many Other Problems

In her many years of working with clients, our nutritionist saw many who were on fat-free diets. Even though they were on diets that were good in every way except for the lack of fat, she was perplexed that many of them showed signs of linoleic acid deficiency.

            - one sign was seeing overweight people with greatly swollen legs and ankles and thighs. After adding  2 tablespoons a day of oil to their diets, they lost weight and the swelling went down. She said it was mostly swelling anyway and a result of the lack of this particular fatty acid.

            - they showed increased sexual interest

            - time after time, their hair went from dull and lifeless to glossy and lustrous
            -  rough, parched skin with eczema became soft, beautiful skin without eczema

            - menstrual difficulties disappeared

The only thing added for these people was the oil.

There are 3 reasons you gain weight from non-fat diets:

1. Our nutritionist felt that many people who look fat are only waterlogged from the lack of linoleic acid. Once the people got the oil needed, they lost weight.

2. It has been proven that when you don’t eat enough fatty acids, your body changes sugar in your body to fat much faster than it would otherwise. (Respiratory Quotient) That means that if you overeat with sweets, you get fat faster when you are WITHOUT salad oils.
3.When you forego eating 100 calories of fat at one of your meals, you get starved and end up eating 500 calories worth of starch or sugar. This gives you two problems instead of one: you gain weight because of the extra calories you ate. AND, YOU GAIN WEIGHT FASTER because you lack the oils you need to stop your body from making the sugar into fat fast.

A little fat has its place in any meal. It keeps you satisfied so that you don’t go looking for food before the next meal. In a classic meal, that is why a person is often offered an ounce or two of hard cheese as dessert. It takes you gently to the next meal. This is so important! When dieting, I experienced this so many times I can’t count them. I always justified it by telling myself I couldn’t help it and I was entitled not to starve (which I was doing at that moment). But by changing my meal makeup, I stopped being hungry before my next meal. I incorporated that, of course, into my new way of losing weight, which is part of my present plan.

I’m going to give you now some general rules to remember about eating fats.

  1. Avoid hydrogenated fats. Hydrogenation is a manufacturer’s process that turns liquid fats into solid fats, like cooking fats—Crisco, for example. Hydrogenation means the fatty acids can no longer link with good nutrients to carry them to your cells. The fat becomes a ‘dead’ nutrient. It can do your body no good. Avoid the French-fried foods cooked in the Crisco or other solid fat. You can’t get nutrition from such foods because of the hydrogenated fats they’re covered with.
Like hydrogenated peanut butter. Get your peanut butter in the bulk section of the grocery store, where there may be a peanut butter grinder. You’ll know it’s fresh. Others are processed cheeses. BUT REAL, AGED CHEESES are good!

  1. Limit solid animal fats, mostly from beef and lamb. Cut them down.
  2. Increase your intake of fish and fowl, which fat is more unsaturated.
  3. Take at least 1-3 teaspoons of vegetable oil daily.
  4. Use unrefined, cold-pressed organic vegetable oils and store them always in the refrigerator so they won’t become rancid.  If you can’t find the right oils at home, look on the Internet where you can get exactly what you need.
  5. Do not buy fats treated to not become rancid. If a fat is treated so that it cannot become rancid, it is ruined for nutrition. Do not buy it.
  6. Rancidity itself can be bad. Don’t eat rancid anything. The rancid taste is often slight and barely noticeable, but pay attention! Throw out any fats—in a bottle, in nuts, or other food—that are even slightly rancid. I have tasted slightly rancid nuts from bulk bins or cellophane packages--they are commonly rancid because they're too old. Even though they are still palatable, spit them out. Throw out the remaining ones. Vitamins A,K,E and several B vitamins are destroyed by rancidity. 
That’s it for this week. I hope you got a lot out of this Nutrition episode about fats, because it’s going to make it SO MUCH easier for you to lose the weight. This was a very important podcast, because it underpins a whole lot of the reason why people are overweight today and can’t stay thin.

If you have any questions, you can post them in the Comments on my blog— I really want to see them.

In our next episode—look for it in two weeks—I’m going to reveal something that will change your whole attitude towards food. This is NEW. It’s not something you’ve probably ever heard about. And when you’re finished, you will be powerfully armed to win the weight war you’re waging against an army you’re not even aware of.

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See you soon!

End of Podcast #4:  All the Facts about Fat


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