Thursday, August 8, 2013

Podcast EP 001: My Life and What This Podcast is About

Hi everyone, this is Mary Stock. This is a transcript of my very first podcast, which was also just launched today, along with my blog--August 8, 2013. You can find it on iTunes (I hope! It has to be reviewed before they accept it.) I am so happy, and especially grateful to have you here for it. I’m really honored that you would stop by to hear/visit me.

Today I’m going to be telling you a little about me to let you know who I am and how I got here, sitting on this chair talking to you. So I’m going to tell you about my life and how I came to be a weight loss expert. Where I came from. And what I’m about, in general.

And for the second part, I’m going to give you what I want for you to get from this show, because this is why you came here and why I came here, too. I’ll also talk about some of the formalities of the show.

Did you ever hear the expression “You can’t go home again”?  Well, I’m here to disprove it. It is possible to go home again! I did. Not literally, but in mind and memory, yes.

Many years after I’d left home, gone to university and was living in the big city, New York, my childhood home became the avenue for my transformation and my salvation. Embracing that way of life again—at least my eating life—so changed me that I was able to lose 70 pounds and have never gained it back. It was all possible because I went back home.

It began when I was seven. My family moved that summer to Crestlane Farm in Camillus, a town outside Syracuse, in Central New York.

My father came from a long line of farmers from away back in England and my mother was a ‘health nut’ before her time. She made us eat wheat germ and swallow big spoonsful of blackstrap molasses and (ugh!) mint-flavored cod liver oil, but we otherwise
lived on the lush fruits of the land. We had our own chickens, cows and pigs, a garden, fruit trees, and endless fields of grain.

The taste of the food has lodged itself forever in my memory—delicious roast chicken with crackling skin and tiny, wild strawberries mashed in their sweet juice and wrapped in the thick, yellow whipped cream of our Guernsey cows. We even made our own butter, cottage cheese and soap. And in the fall, we canned hundreds of jars of big, ripe, shaggy-edged peach halves in peachy syrup, plump red tomatoes, green string beans and corn.

I remained thin even though I ate enormous amounts of these wonderful foods. It never occurred to me to think this unusual—until many years later.

After university and a divorce, I ended up in NY.    I was 108 lbs. I had gradually lost weight—2 lbs. a year. I used amphetamines to get there. Yup, me.  Diet pills. I liked to think I couldn’t stay at 108 without them. This went on for a few years. I gradually became emotionally dependent upon them. While it was a bad experience, it was the most CRIPPLING feeling in the world. I couldn’t get up in the morning without taking an amphetamine first. The amphetamines focused on the fear part of my brain, too. I was immobilized—better to feel good than to confront fear. It made fears where there would have been none without them. I couldn’t make an effort on my own behalf, like starting a career. I just couldn’t make plans and do them. The thoughts in my head didn’t connect w/my feet. I’d have to take an amphetamine pill first. Imagine! Me!  No one who ever knew me would have guessed I was going thru this.  I seemed too strong for that. There was a picture of a movie actress high on amphetamines. She was SWINGING on a chandelier in a hotel ballroom. This was the beginning of my education in dieting. Label this “diet pills.”

Trying to make myself whole again after the amphetamines took up the better part of 10 years of my life. I’ll never forget the day when I realized I could once again connect my brain with my legs and feet and arms and make a concerted effort of my own without the pills. I was whole again. But it took 10 years and going off the amphetamines completely.

All through this period I’d been yo-yo dieting on one diet after another. I’d gain 20, 30, 40 pounds and each time, have to lose it. It was hard, really hard. I used iron willpower. On one diet, I only ate every  2 ½ days, then ate one meal, and went another 2 ½ days before eating again. Yes, I lost the weight but only 2 – 3 lbs a week. Many people lose that while eating plenty. My body has never shed pounds fast, so I went this route because I thought it would. It didn’t.

This is NOT a good way to lose weight. It could affect you for the rest of your life by lowering the amount of food you can eat a day.  More than that causes you to gain weight.

The big 7-0 and the diet that never happened 
There came a day about 10 years ago, when I just couldn’t take it any longer. I’d hit 70
lbs. overweight. How was this possible?!  I couldn’t conceive of it. Me! 70 lbs. overweight. I’m 5’3” and I looked square and stolid and much, much older than I was!

My humiliation
I wore sack suits, dark colors. Not as heavy as Kim Jong-un in North Korea, but just as exciting. I refused to wear “fat people’s clothes”—like the ones in Macy’s 8th floor—mostly because I thought that doing so was giving up—saying I didn’t ever expect to get back to my normal weight again.

I would never give in to thoughts like that. So I got a piece here and there that I could make fit me from the regular racks of clothes on the lower floors and put them together.

I avoided every plate glass window near my home. The Barnes & Noble bookstore window stretched a full half-block. Every day, I would skirt it by walking on the outside of the crowd walking by the store.

I felt intimidated, too, at social gatherings of any kind—business or outside of business. I didn’t approach people and hung back from engaging others in conversation. I didn’t even want to be there because I was SURE they were all looking down on me and my appearance.

The guilt and humiliation I felt, all of this self-loathing, was so hard to deal with. It’s harder than the problem itself. But I was determined not to go on another diet. The diets hadn’t stuck.

Thoughts of our farm began to arise in my mind, things I hadn’t thought of in years.
I thought of the dinner at mid-day at harvest time, when my father and the workers would come in out of the fields and we all sat down to eat at the long hewn wooden picnic table. I thought of the wild strawberries I found in the field.

The way back—the beginning of a new way of life
In 2003 I hit 70 pounds overweight and reached a point of no return. Over the many years I had lost hundreds of pounds, and they had always come back. Dieting was just too darned hard for such little return. She absolutely refused to go on another diet.

I didn’t know how I’d lose the weight, but gradually a method began to take shape the more I focused on the ways we ate and what we ate on the farm. It is based on Nature’s rhythms and what we ate on the farm.

I haven’t dieted again. A person naturally fluctuates within two to four pounds of her ideal weight. There was a time I fasted for 2 ½ days a week. In the 3rd day, I’d eat one meal and then I’d fast for another 2 ½ days. That is a really bad way to lose weight I found out, and I’ll tell you why later on in our series. Gorging is something I knew when I dieted. Now, I can’t remember the last time I gorged. I’m sure it was, though, before 2003.

Living close to Nature makes it easy to stay slim by allowing the natural mechanisms your body has to work. They regulate your food intake. This is a lost art for many in the world, because people have been enticed to eat so much more food than they are hungry for that it pushes up all their controls to force their body to eat more and more.

I am happy. I am thin. And I really enjoy food. It doesn’t control me; I control it.  You can be slim, too. And I want to empower you to take back your life, eat wonderful food and I will try my greatest to help you get it.
.In talking about things health and losing weight on the podcast or on my blog, I want to say that I really respect you, my listeners, and I aim to be completely transparent in return.  Hopefully I’ll make this a business I can afford to stay in to continue to help you. But I’ll never recommend a product—my own or someone else’s—that I don’t want to use myself. Most if not all of the things I recommend will be products I use myself regularly. I think that’s the only right thing to do.

I’m going to be very upfront with you when it comes to losing weight. I’m going to tell you the truth about losing weight. I won’t hold back and say the expected things. For example, I’m going to show you that overweight is not really caused by what you think it is. I’m going to make it so that when you really find out how this world works and why you’re still overweight in this world, it will make you excited and optimistic. Knowing what’s wrong takes away the guilt and gives you motivation to do something about it.

I’m excited to help you and want to hear from you in return. I’m often on Twitter. I’ve put my podcast on iTunes and on my blog. Say Hi! ‘Like’ me on Facebook and why not go to my blog and leave some feedback. Or a comment about you.
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